[ Herman Wouk and the making of the 'Winds of War' television series. ] Eighteen Typed Letters Signed and three Autograph Letters Signed from Wouk to screenwriter Jack Pulman, with copies of Pulman letters, and other material relating to the project.

Herman Wouk (b.1915), American novelist [ Jack Pulman (1925-1979), British screenwriter; Stanley Kallis; Dan Curtis (1927-2006), director; Paramount Pictures ]
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Washington, Los Angeles and London. Most of Wouk's letters on his Washington letterhead. Between 2 December 1977 and 22 April 1979.

From the Jack Pulman papers. Pulman's distinguished career is well described on the British Film Institute's website, which descibes the background to this material, although its author us clearly unaware of the increasing tension between Pulman and Wouk revealed by material in the present collection: 'In early 1978 Paramount TV producer Stanley Kallis and author Herman Wouk approached Pulman to write a treatment (to be followed by a screenplay) for Wouk's sweeping World War Two novel 'The Winds of War'.

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