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Georges Lafourcade.

Autograph Letter Signed to De V. Payen-Payne.

Poet and biographer (La Jeunesse de Swinburne, 1837-1867. [With a bibliography.]) Four pages, 8vo, good condition. A very detailed defence of his work on Swinburne. For example, "[I] want first to assure you that there is here some misunderstanding: in my opinion, you have no real justification...

Richmal Mangnall.

Autograph accounts in her hand sent to a pupil, Miss Jefferson, one signed by Mangnall.

Schoolmistress, of Mangnall's "Questions" (1769-1820). Two statements of account to a Miss Jefferson, listing in Mangnall's copperplate, charges for education under Mangnall., both one page, 4to, faint foxing, hole in middle (spiked?) one had 2" tear not affecting text. Charges given (1814/5)...

Simon Nowell-Smith.

Autograph Notes Signed (2) to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Scholar and collector (1909-1996). Total 3pp., 8vo, good condition. (1931) "many thanks for your note enclosing cheque for "Farrago" [?]. I wish all my debtors were as prompt." Wilson or a member of his staff has put a pencilled line diagonally through the page. ([1932]) He asks to see "the...

R. Seeley (Robert Benton Seeley).

Autograph Letter Signed to [Martin] Tupper, miscellaneous writer (1810-1889)[?].

Publisher, philanthropist and author (1798-1886). Two pages, 8vo, bifoliate, good condition. "Dear Mr. Tupper,/ I hope to send you a proof tomorrow./ I am afraid we shall have to throw Foley over altogether, as we shall probably begin a new series next year in place of the "English Artists"./ I...

<?> Hearn.

Autograph Note Signed to R. Sunter, Bookseller, Stonegate, York.

One page, 4to, spike-hole, fold and other marks, text cleaar and complete. "Sir,/ Some months back, you informed me that "The Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire would be shortly ready, and you engaged to send me a copy to my Town Agent, (Jas. [underlined] Gilbert, 49 Paternoster Row) as soon as the new...


Autograph letter signed to Triphook, 21 Golden Square.

One page, 4to, small tears, small piece missing, dulled, fold marks, spike hole, but text readable. "If you will go to Cockburn & Cos branch at Whitehall they will pay you £5.8- I am sorry it escaped my memory. I enclose you a list of the contents of 5 vols of Old Plays which I am offered...

Allen Lane

typed note signed and typed letter signed to Elliott O'Donnell. author

Publisher (1902?-1970). One page each, 4to. In one he discusses someone's sighting of ghosts (about which O'Donnell has written and the possibility of reprinting O'Donnell's work on werewolves in Penguin. In the other he briefly gives information about his family and anticipates an announcement...

Bernard Watson (of Ivor Nicholson & Watson Ltd).:

Autograph Note Signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Publisher. One page, 8vo, bery good condition. "Dear Mr Wilson, / You were indeed kind to give me so much of your valuable Time today, and to take so much Trouble over our projected list. I learnt a great deal on how to write 'copy' for books, and advice from you with your store of experience is...

Eveleigh Nash.

Autograph Letter Signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Publisher (see Mumby, 1956 ed., p.305). Two pages, 8vo, bifoliate, good condition. Nash recalls their first meeting ("at Mc Geachy's in Glasgow") - "and I felt then that you would get to the top of your calling, because you were obviously a born bookseller wit a knowledge of literature and a...

G. Belton Cobb

Typed letter signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's, booksellers

Of Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd, publishers. Two pages, 4to, responding to Wilson's comments on prospectuses, discussing both Wilson's and Longmans' idea of who one should send them to, or how many.

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