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Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd (DNB), judge and author

ANS, 1 page, 16mo, addressed to "Mr. Williams | at [the wine merchants] Messrs. Clarke & Barlow's"

"Will you be so kind as to send me to this place, a dozen of the finest Champagne in the urse of the Morning? If you have any still Champagne I should prefer it provided it is of the best quality; but this, I fear is out of the question. Send the Bill with the Wine."

Alfred Noyes (DNB), English poet

16mo fragment, in two pieces, of ALS to unnamed correspondent

The two pieces are attached on the reverse by gummed paper. The first is the head of the letter, giving place and date, and the second the conclusion, with Noyes' signature.

Augusta Zelia Fraser (Alice Spinner), Scottish writer of West Indian stories

ANS, 1p, 16mo, to unnamed correspondent

"There is only one way to live - for today and Eternity, for today at least gives us plenty to do & before the thought of Eternity our own troubles seem so infinitesimal".

Captain George John Whyte-Melville (DNB), novelist and poet

ALS, 1p, 16mo, to "My dear Harry"

"No Bye day!" He saw Charles Payne the day before. "It is freezing here with Arctic severity & I tremble for Friday and Saturday". Signed "J W Melville". Mounted on a piece of card.

Charles Hamilton Aidé [Charles Hamilton Aide] (DNB), author and musician

2 ANS to unnamed correspondents and one autograph address, "H. Cholmondeley <Parnell?> Esq. | The Admiralty"

The 1889 note: "Let me know whether you care to publish poetry - I can send you 3 stanzas". The other note: "I regret much that I am already engaged to dinner on Tuesday. If it were probable that yr party sat late into the night I would gladly join you in the coffee state of yr festivities...

Dorothy Brooks

ALS, 3pp, 8vo, to Malcolm MacKenzie

On two letterheads of the West African Writers and Artists Club, 129 Camberwell Rd. Major Shepheard has suggested that correspondent might supply contacts for the Club. Describes the Club's activities and lists the names of thirteen Gold Coast students from a recent British Council exhibition...

Edmund Yates (DNB), Victorian journalist and friend of Charles Dickens

ANS, 1p, 16mo, to Mrs Faber

Gives briefest details of next step of a tour of Scotland. His address will be "Marine Hotel, North Berwick". Written in purple ink. Docketed at foot in another hand. Gummed slips from album attached to corners of reverse.

Francis Egerton, 1st Earl of Ellesmere (DNB), statesman and poet

ALS, 2pp, 8vo, to <M. H. Reyds?>

Will write immediately with the attendance of the band "which I hope will maintain its reputation". Wishes he could assist, but is just recovering "some use of various limbs". Thinks that within the last month Brackley (his son?) has been recovering, and hopes that the spring weather will assist...

George Manville Fenn (DNB), Victorian novelist

ANS, 1p, 16mo, to unnamed correspondent

Difficult handwriting. "Dear Sir | I wish <?> good government and Peace [last word underlined three times] | Faithfully Yours | Geo Manville Fenn"

Heinrich Böll [Heinrich Boll], German novelist and winner of the 1972 Nobel Prize for literature


Signature in felt tip pen on the half-title of his book "The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum". On the reverse is a printed list of his books.

£30.00 Heinrich Boll signature
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