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Neil Bell.

Autograph Note Signed to "Miss Daniel".

Novelist. One page, 8vo. She has obviously asked him for a copy of his "So Perish the Rose" but he says that it has "long been out of print & copies are extremely difficult to come by as I well know for I have been trying to get one for some time."

Maurice Baring.

Autograph Note Signed.

Poet and Man of Letters. One page, 4to, folded, minor spotting. "Dear Sir / Love is what you ask for: / Yours very truly / Maurice Baring".

Michael Arlen.

Autograph Note Signed to "Mr Davies".

Novelist. One page, 8vo. "Thank you so much for your appreciative letter."

"Festus" Bailey

Autograph Note Signed to S. Colllinson, poet.

P.J. Bailey, Poet. One page, 8vo, letter in good condition, the name "'Festus' Bailey" in red ink top left corner. He thanks his correspondent for a "little volume of poems" which have given him pleasure, and many of which "give evidence of pure and true feeling & graceful fancy". Collinson...

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Autograph Letter Signed (part only).

Novelist. Part of an autograph letter signed by Bulwer-Lytton, "E.L Bulwer", 4 x 3", black strip indicating from mourning notepaper, incomplete text as follows: "yet administered. If you want merely some information as to the [injunction] of the [will] Mr Tyler, Solr Essex St Strand will give it...

Anna Jameson.

Autograph Letter Signed (part only).

Author. Part of an autograph letter signed with much of text trimmed off, leaving piece of paper, 4.5 x 4.5", good condition. One side, "Believe me / dear Sir / Yours very truly / Anna Jameson [with address]. Other side, she wonders if an accident has intervened in something (a meeting?) but...

Dionysius Lardner

Small part of autograph letter signed.

Irish scientist. Original letter probably to David Brewster, sceintist, since he contributed substantially to the collection of which this was part (a collection made by his daughter-in-law). Part of letter, c.3.5 x 2". One side "Believe me, Dear Sir, / yours very truly / Dion Lardner". Other...

Elizabeth Rainforth.

Signature, with small amount of text.

Singer (DNB). Bold, underlined Signature, c.3.5 x 1.5". Other side the following few words, "towns, will tempt me [to] make a trial, so I do [not?] think I shall visit".

J.F.W. Herschel.

Signature only.

Astronomer. Signature on scrap of paper, 2 x 0.5". From an album to which David Brewster contributed - the original letter in this case was probably to him.

Joseph Napier.

Autograph Note Signed to "Capes".

Lord Chancellor of Ireland. One page, 8vo, sl. damaged but text only marginally affected. He asks his correspondent to dinner and reports on Lord Wensleydale's health.

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