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Thomas Moult.

Autograph Letter Signed and two autograph notes signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of J & E. Bumpus's.

Miscellaneous Writer (Poetry Society). Total 4pp., 8vo. He is enlisting Wilson's aid in selling his new book (favourably reviewed by Evelyn Waugh) and requesting a list of distinguished visitors to Bumpus's (bookshop) (Walter) Scott {Centenary] Exhibition to establish who was interested in Scott...

Thomas Sturge Moore.

Autograph Letter Signed and Autograph Note Signed to [Walter Jerrold].

Poet, wood engraver, and illustrator ((1870-1944). (July) "I shall be very pleased to be represented in the anthology . . . [gives permission for two shorter pieces] / May your venture have so much success as to enable future compilers to repair in some measure the market value of verse....

Thomas Townson.

Document signed by Townson.

Divine and theological writer (1715-1792). A printed form, one page, some damage incl. tear on fold, but text clear and complete, with manuscript additions, the latter including a signature, place and date (ms adds in square brackets, as follows: [I the} underwritten do recommend [Sir Roger...

Thomas Watson.

Autograph Letter Signed to Dawson Turner, philanthropist and educationalist,(1815-1885)

Physician (1792-1882). Two pages, 8vo, bifoliate, some marking but mainly good condition. He requests his pamphlets on "hygiene" and "Hints of Remedies". He reveals that he has read that Turner is in Holy Orders, and asks if he is also a Doctor.

W.B. Maxwell.

Autograph Letter Signed to Clement Shorter, ed. The Sphere, etc.

Novelist. One page, 8vo, fold mark, good condition. "I cannot refrain from writing to thank you for two kindly notices of my work that you have given in recent numbers of "The Sphere"; & I trust you will not consider me troublesome for doing so, or for saying that it gave me much pleasure to...

William Sotheby.

Autograph note signed to William Jerdan, editor of the Literary Gazette.

Litterateur and Poet (1757-1833). One page, 4to, fold marks, minor tears and staining, clear and good. Sotheby asks Jerdan "If there be time, l;et the Two last lines of the Proem [underlined] be -/ "And, in his grave while falls a Nation's tears,/ I strow these fading flours on Scott's untimely...

A.E.W. Mason.

Typed Note Signed to Miss Jerrold.

Novelist. One page, 8vo, good condition. "I am quite willing that you should use the extract from my book "The House of the Arrow", but you should, I think, get also the consent of Mesrs. Hodder & Stoughton before using it."

Alfred Milner, Viscount,

Autograph Letter Signed to "Miss Iwar Muller"

Imperialist. 2pp., 8vo. He regrets that he cannot accept her invitation and that he will not be able to meet the "Glazebrooks".

Anthony Panizzi.

Autograph Note, third person, to the Lord Mayor of London and wife.

Chief Librarian, British Museum (1797-1879). One page, 8vo, bifoliate, sl. marked, fold marks, text clear and complete. "Mr Panizzi presents his compliments to the Lord Mayor . . . and regrets very much that a previous engagement will prevent him from having the honour . . ."

Arthur Probsthain.

Typed Letter Signed to Prof. S. Langdon (Oxford), with seven related items.

Bookseller (Oriental and India). All eight items with fold marks, but good condition. They relate to the publication of Sir John Marshall's (ed.) "Mohenjodaro and the Indus Civilisation" (3 vols., 1931), described by Probsthain himself in Andrew Block's "A Short History of the Principal London...

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