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The Gambia

Autograph letter from the Secretaries of the (self-styled) Gambia Committee to Gisborne Molineux

2pp, 8vo, remains of tape indicating from album, headed "Gambia Committee, 3 King Street, Westminster, "We beg respectfully to inform you that a Deputation to protest against the proposal to cede the River Gambia to France, will wait upon Earl Carnarvon ........" Thjey request Molineux's...

Baron Bunsen.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Lord Mayor of London.

Baron C.C.J. Bunsen, Prussian diplomat and scholar (1791-1860). He helps the Lord Mayor with his plans for returning the visit of the King of Prussia in January 1842. He gives detailed information on the route and means of transport, including timings, instructs him on the protocol of contacting...

Bertie Alexander Meyer and Derrick de Marney.

Typed Agreement on the production of Christie's "Appointment with Death".

Agreement "to be associated in the exploitation of the said Play", 4pp., folio, manuscript correctionsand additions initialled throughout by the above parties, and finally signed by both. WITH: Typed copy of the agreemen,t5 May 1944, between Agatha Mallowan (Christie) and Bertie Alexander Meyer...

Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby

Autograph note signed to J. Gordon McCullagh,

Politician (1826-93). 2 pp, 12mo. "Sir / In answer to your letter of the 2nd: I agree that the Charing Cross Hotel will be a suitable place for the Kentish Liberal Unionists to meet, and the hours you mention seem convenient: as to the day I think it had better be early in March than...

Edward J. Poynter

Autograph letter signed to Mrs [Mark] Pattison, art critic.

Painter, President of the Royal Academy (1836-1919). Four pages, 8vo. As follows: " I never thanked you for your postcard & its information which adds greatly to the interest of the drawing. " is puzzling certainly, but so unlike "canonico" that I can hardly think it can have been an error...

Edward Meyrick Goulburn

Autograph fragment signed to the Bishop of Peterborough,

Dean of Norwich (1818-97), and writer on religious matters. One page, 12mo. Recto: "<...> "The Homes for the Widows and Unmarried "Daughters of deceased Clergymen," and its object is to provide gratuitously for such Ladies clea and quiet Lodgings in a respectable part of Londo. The...

Edward Rose

one autograph letter signed to Mary Folkard,

Dramatist (1849-1904). One page, 12mo, in stamped envelope addressed in autograph. "I am very much obliged for the ticket, and will certainly go. I am so glad you have got such a good chance, and I will "signify the same" (i.e. my gladness) "in the usual way".

Edward Terry

autograph letter signed to [?] Pemberton,

English actor-manager (1844-1912). On two pieces of paper. 2 pp, 12mo and one page, 8vo, the second piece with the letterhead of Terry's Theatre in the Strand. "Here again in Harness Thank Goodness - Royalty Glasgow next week then Brum where I hope to see you. Cannot tell you where I shall...

Edward Willard

Autograph notes signed (x 5).

English actor (1853-1915), admired for his melodramatic villains. The first, to Mr Philip, 14 December 1903, St. James's Theatre, one page, 12mo. "Herewith a cheque for one guinea in exchange for the dinner ticket you sent me a week or so since". The other three all written to Allan Gomme in...

F.E. Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead

Printed document signed

Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (1872-1930). One page, 4to. appointing William Reginald Lloyd of Lampeter in the County of Cardigan a Commissioner for Oaths, Signed "Birkenhead. C." Entered by E. R. Cash, Deputy Registrar of Solicitors and bearing the stamp of the Lord Chancellor's...

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