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James Martineau

Autograph Note Signed to (C. Ellis)

Unitarian divine and philosopher. One page, 8vo. He alerts him that a consignment of Hymn Books had been sent to the "Maidstone Congregation", giving the binder's charge, and hoping they prove useful.

James Yates

Autograph Letters Signed to a "Dr Gray".

Unitarian and antiquary (1789-1871). (1851) invitation for Gray, his wife and nephew (1864) Another invitation, anticipating time to look at the "specimens and drawings". 2 items,

Johann Ott, editor

Catalog der Flora Bohmens nach weiland Professor Friedrich Ignaz Tausch's Herbarium Florae Bohemicae

60pp., sm. fol., foed throughout, hinge strain, covers worn, contents complete and mainly good, interleaved throughout with pages used for some annotation, with a form of bookmark throughout (finger index(?)), some annotation (correction/addition) to the text.

John Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury (1693-1761)

Document Signed to the Duke of Kingston

Summons on the command of the King to a meeting of the Knights of the Garter the following day.

John Stuart

Autograph Letter Signed to George Chalmers, antiquary

Gaelic Scholar (1743-1821). 2pp., 4to, signs of wear not obscuring text. As notes in another hand (Chalmers?) on the reverse state, Stuart is giving answers about several parishes in Kincardineshire. He reveals sources of information (e.g. a Mr Leslie on the remains of a Roman camp, a Mr Barclay...

John Wilson Croker,

Autograph Letter, third person to Sir Cuthbert Sharp, antiquary

Statesman and writer. 2pp., 8vo. He thanks Sharp for sending some books to him but points out that the books need not have travelled under Francis Freeling's cover as Croker's held good unrestrictedly.

Joseph Jekyll

Autograph Note Signed, one page, 12mo, to "Miss [Caroline] Fox", diarist and translator

Wit and politician (-1837). His health is restored but "Whishaw doubled my Disappointment by Recounting your Fairy Ball". Obviously, ill health prevented his attendance. With: (ms) "Advertisement Extraordinary", an amusing skit in which Jekyll offers to provide people to visit Country Houses...

Joseph Jekyll,

Autograph Letter Signed to J.V. Lee

Politician and wit. One page, 4to. He makes a proposal in what seems to be a legal case involving a "Mr J. Lockwood" and Jekyll's nephew, for whom he is taking the "Responsibility of all Risque".

Lancelot Shadwell

Autograph Note Signed, one page, 8vo, to an unnamed correspondent

Vice-Chancellor (1779-1850). Laid down. He acknowledges receipt of a letter, but is obliged to leave that part of the country.

Leonard Huxley

Autograph Note Signed, one page, 4to, to D. Christie Tait

Biologist and poet (1860-1933). He accepts with pleasure the invitation to preside at the next Conway Memorial Lecture, and wonders when Tait would like a copy of his introductory remarks.

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