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Joe Orton [ John Kingsley Orton (1933–1967), playwright, author and diarist. And actor ]

[Joe Orton the Actor ] Programme Signed by members of the Cast of "The Agamemnon of Aeschylus" (Vaughan Players, Leicester), 1950, including "John" [Joe Orton].

Printed programme, Four pages, 8vo, bifolium, signed, often with comments by members of the cast (from Robert Buist and 20+ others) including Joe Orton as follows: ""As Paris said the Helen "Virtue wont [sic] hurt you | But Vice is nice." | John (ist youth)". [First Youth ......... John]. Note (...

Jean-Baptiste Say, French economist (1767-1832)

[ J.-B. Say. economist ] Autograph Letter Signed "J.B. Say" to "Monsieur George Smith", also an economist(?), in French

Two pages, 8vo, bifolium, closed tear on fold, sl. darkeing at edge, mainly good condition, third page with brief biography of Say in French in another hand, adding presumably about his correspondent (?) that "[Say] se consacra a l'economie politique. Comme Smith, il combattit les prohibitions,...

Henry M. Stanley. Welsh journalist and explorer

[ Henry M. Stanley ] Autograph Signature with additional "job title", "Henry M. Stanley | Special Commissioner | in Africa of the | 'New York Herald'". possibly subscription to a letter.

Paper, 13 x 6cm, upper edge sl ragged from detachment from larger page, good condition.

Sir Edward Hobart Seymour (1840-1929), Admiral of the Fleet, Royal Navy officer who led mission to relieve Peking Legations during Boxer Rebellion [Colonel Sir Arthur Davidson (1856-1922), equerry]

[Sir Edward Hobart Seymour, Admiral of the Fleet.] Autograph Signature ('E. H. Seymour. Admiral.') cut from letter to Sir Arthur Davidson.

On 4 x 10 cm slip of paper, with corners cut off to make a rectangular octagon. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Reads: 'Your's [sic] truly | E. H. Seymour. Admiral.' The other side of the slip has parts of the leaf's black mourning border, and the name of the recipient, who was the...

Jackie Coogan [John Leslie Coogan] (1914-1984), American actor and comedian; his wife Ann McCormack; 'Billie Love' [Constance Billie Stone] (1923-2012), actress and photographer

[Jackie Coogan, American actor and comedian, and his wife Ann McCormack; 'Billy Love' [Constance Billie Stone], English actress and photographer.] Autograph Signatures of the three, with inscriptions, on leaf from autograph album.

On 12mo landscape leaf detached from album. In fair condition, lightly aged. On one side of the leaf are the Coogans' inscription and signatures, written at a diagonal. Jackie Coogan writes 'Billy Taft | To Geney | Good Luck | Jackie | Coogan'. His wife's signature is beneath his: 'Ann McCormack...

Charlotte Riddell ['Mrs J. H. Riddell', born Charlotte Eliza Lawson Cowan] (1832-1906), popular Victorian Irish novelist and author, part-proprietor of the St James's Magazine

[Charlotte Riddell ('Mrs, J. H. Riddell') popular Victorian novelist inc. ghost stories.] Autograph Signature ('Charlotte E L Riddell') in valediction to letter.

Good bold signature, on 5 x 10 cm slip of paper, cut from the end of a letter. In fair condition, lightly aged. Reads: 'Believe me | Yrs. most sincerely | Charlotte E L Riddell'.

Theatre Royal, Williamson Square, Liverpool [Edward Murray; Vernor & Hood, London publishers]

[Theatre Royal, Williamson Square, Liverpool: details of benefits.] Autograph Letter from 'Edwd. Murray' to Vernor & Hood, proprietors of ''The Monthly Mirror', giving a 'correct Statement of Benefits at the Liverpool Theatre (this season)'.

1p, 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, and folded several times. The main text reads: 'Gentn | By inserting the following correct [last word underlined] Statement of Benefits at the Liverpool Theatre (this season) in your next Mirror you'll particularly oblige your most obt...

Sir John Hare (1844-1921), actor and manager of the Garrick Theatre, London [Willy Clarkson [William Berry Clarkson (1861-1934), theatrical wigmaker and costume designer, homosexual blackmailer]

[Sir John Hare, actor-manager, to Willy Clarkson, theatrical wigmaker and homosexual blackmailer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('John Hare'), giving instructions on a wig 'of great importance', required for an American tour.

2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The letter casts an interesting sidelight on the practicalities of the late-Victorian theatre. He begins by explaining that he is sending back a wig he made for him, which was 'an admirable one in every way', and asking that he make him 'one like it...

Mary Elizabeth Robinson (1774-1818), author, daughter of Mary 'Perdita' Robinson (c.1757-1800), poet ('the English Sappho'), actress and mistress of George IV [James Carpenter, London bookseller]

[Mary Elizabeth Robinson, author, daughter of George IV's mistress Mary 'Perdita' Robinson.] Autograph Letter in the third person to the bookseller James Carpenter, asking for three of her mother's works, 'uniformly bound', for a Christmas present.

1p, 4to. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with two postmarks (one from Egham) to 'Mr Carpenter | Bookseller | Old Bond Street | London'. Aged and worn, with Carpenter's spike-hole through one word of text. Reads: 'Miss Robinson will be obliged to Mr Carpenter, to send her the...

Marie Lohr [Marie Löhr] (1890-1875), Australian film and stage actress

[Marie Lohr, Australian film and stage actress.] Autograph Card Signed ('Marie Löhr') to 'Miss Johnson'

Postcard with printed stamp. In good condition, on aged paper. Address by her to 'Miss Johnson [identified in pencil as Isa Johnson] | 23 Weltje Road | Hammersmith | London - W'. The card reads: 'My thanks for your letter - I am sorry I did not see you to speak to the other day. I hate leaving...

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