Autograph Note Signed, 2pp., 8vo, to Cuthbert Sharp, antiquary.

Algernon Percy, Duke of Northumberland
Publication details: 

Statesman and antiquarian (1792-1865). He thanks Sharp for "Works on Antiquarian subjects".

Autograph Note Signed to "Mr MacGeady"

Baron Bunsen,
Publication details: 

Prussian ambassador. One page, 8vo. He announces his arrival (in Italy), gives informnation about his post and what he wants done with it.

Autograph Letter Signed to "Lanyon"

F. Beauchamp Seymour, admiral
Publication details: 
"Narcisssus", Port Royal, n.d.

2pp., 8vo, chipped, not affecting the text. He expresses a liking for a photograph and tells of a "job" involving the "Immortalite".

Autograph letter, third person, to the President of the Royal Society.

Lord John Russell.
Publication details: 
H[ome] O[ffice], 14 May 1839.

Prime Minister 1846-1852 and 1865-1866 (1792-1878). Two pages, 8vo, good condition. He "requests the President of the Royal Society to obtain the opinion of some of the members of the Society conversant with the Science of Botany, whether it may be advisable, with a View to extend the knowledge of Botany, that a Charter of Incorporation should be granted to the Royal Botanical Society (Regents Park.

Autograph note signed to an unknown correspondent (name removed).

Robert Peel.
Publication details: 
Drayton Manor, 27 Dec. (no year).

Prime Minister (1788-1850). One page, 8vo, name of correspondent removed, rest of text apparently complete. "Should you be disengaged on Saturday next, will you give me the pleasure of your Company at 1/2 before twelve to shoot here in the morning and dress and dine here afterwards."

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