[ 'Madame Delysia' entertains the British troops in the Middle East. ] Duplicate copy of Autograph Letter Signed by Sir John Pollock, countersigned by her, giving conditions for her use of 'Mlle Fifi' and 'Darling'. With Typed Letter Signed from her.

'Madame Delysia' [ 'Alice Delysia'; 'Elise Delisia' ], stage name of Alice Henriette Lapize (1889-1979), French entertainer; Sir John Pollock [ Sir Frederick John Pollock ] (1878-1963), author
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Pocock's letter from 173 Cranmer Court, Chelsea, London, 3 March 1941. Delysia's letter from 54 Buckingham Court, Kensington Park Road, London, 7 March 1941.
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Both C. B. Cochran, who promoted her career, and Noel Coward, who wrote 'Poor Little Rich Girl' for her, wrote highly of Delysia and her work. Three items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. All three in an envelope addressed to Pollock and docketed by him 'Delysia (tour) Contract March 1941'. ONE: Typed Letter Signed from 'Alice Delysia' to Pollock. From her London address, 7 March 1941. 1p., 12mo. She writes that she agrees with his letter and has signed the copy (Item Two below). 'I do not know yet exactly when I am leaving, but I expect it will be very soon and I am terribly thrilled about it. | Thank you so much for your good wishes for my voyage.' TWO: Autograph Letter Signed from 'John Pollock' to Delysia, countersigned by her. From his Chelsea address, 3 March 1941. Headed 'Duplicate'. 1p., 8vo. On grey paper with six-penny tax stamp. He is sending her 'the typescript of Mlle Fifi and of Darling for the sole purposes of your forthcoming tour in the Middle East', and sets out the conditions under which she can 'make use of them in your programme'. He begins: 'I understand that your tour is to be in the main for the benefit of the Forces'. She may make free use of the pieces 'with this object', and he describes the royalties which will be due to him otherwise, concluding 'In the event of such (perhaps improbable) performances for money, it will be sufficient for you to account for them to me on your return to England'. She may 'make any cuts' she wishes, but cannot 'insert fresh dialogue or […] change the action. | Mlle Fifi is not to be played unless you yourself take the part of “Rachel.”' At bottom right Pollock has written: 'I accept the conditions in this letter', to which Delysia signs 'Alice Delysia'. Her response to this letter is Item One above. THREE: Autograph Draft by Pollock of Item Two. 3pp., 12mo. Dated in red pencil 1 March 1941. With deletions and emendations.