[ Dugald Stewart; Scottish Enlightenment ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dugald Stewart" to an unnamed "Lordship" who had loaned him books with notes.

Dugald Stewart, Scottish philosopher and mathematician
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"Saty Evening" [no place or date].
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One and a bit pages, cr. 8vo, flimsy paper, remnants of being in an album, (strip of card on left margin), some damage with no loss of letters. No "Dear Sir", commencing: "I am extremely sorry to be disappointed in my hope of waiting upon your Lordship this Evening by the return of a Cough which has been distressing me a good deal of late. As I presume you do not propose to carry your Books along with you, I shall take charge of the two volumes you lent me, till your return, unless you send me directions to the contrary. I beg leave again to return my thanks for the very great instruction & pleasure your notes have afforded me And am with great truth | Youyr Lordship's most obliged | & faithful servant ..." A scarce autograph. From the distinguished autograph collection of Richard Hunter, son of Ida Macalpine, whose collection of 7000 books relating to psychiatry is in Cambridge University Library.