[ Stanley Spencer ] Manuscript (Holograph) entitled Stanley Spencer.

[ Stanley Spencer ] Daphne Charlton, artist and woman in Stanley Spencer's Life.
Spencer 2
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Dated 27 May 1962.
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14 pages, 4to, large handwriting (lower case letters 5mm), punch-holes, two of four damaged. The manuscript has elisions, substitutions and additions by the author, indicating a lot of thinking, perhaps a desire to use a long word rather than a short. She attempts to analyse Spencer's (artistic) character and their relationship (including sexual). I have attached scans of two pages, 5 and 14 (the final page) to illustrate her subjects and re-thinking (elisions etc). She starts (p.1): Looking over a life, containing twenty years of Stanley Spencer's friendship, & [this] some part of it reasonably intimate, (& endearing to my instinctive affections), & some part compounded of artistic & musical enthusiasm aloneeeee, I could not reasonably affirm his joy in life [underlined], [or?] his free exercis of normal, healthy man's privilges & responsibilities, as to life itself. His sources of inner satisfaction, [& pride - deleted] lay elsewhere. | Stanley Spencer could scarcely fee the impact of dear life, upon his own skin, or on his external senses. The scent & colour of lilac [excisions] to him, signified 'association' - alone.[page one]. Note: This study was found in an archive, apparently preserved by Daphne herself, of family letters (George, Evan, Carrys, Daphne herself, the parents,and their contacts and friends) and related material. See images of her study of Spencer.