[Rudolf Bosselt, German Art Nouveau sculptor.] Two Autograph Letters Signed, in German, one with envelope, all three with device of the Darmstädter Künstler-Kolonie, one addressed to ‘Banquier Ludwig Schweizer’ of Stuttgart.

Rudolf Bosselt (1871-1938), German Art Nouveau sculptor who taught at the Dusseldorf art school from 1904, a founder of the Darmstadt artists' colony (Darmstädter Künstler-Kolonie) [Ludwig Schweizer]
Bosselt 2
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7 May and 21 October 1901; both from Darmstadt (the first from 'Herrengarten') and each on the letterhead of the Darmstädter Künstler-Kolonie. The second letter with envelope addressed to Schweizer. All three items with the stylized device of the DKK
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Bosselt was a student of Joseph Kowarzik at the Städel Institute in Frankfurt. He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris, then assisted in founding the Darmstadt artists’ colony. From 1904 he taught at the art school at Dusseldorf. He received an honourable mention at the 1898 Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, and his work was part of the sculpture event in the art competition at the 1932 Summer Olympics. These two letters are neatly and closely written, and both signed ‘Rudolf Bosselt’. Each letter is 1p, 4to. The first letter is 18 lines long, the second 15 lines long. The second is accompanied by its envelope. All three items are on aged paper. Both are folded for postage: the first twice and the second once. The letters and the envelope carry the stylized device of the DKK: a heavily-inked circle, made up of the hair fanning from the head of a pretty woman carrying brushes in one hand and a mallet in the other, and with Art Nouveau letter ‘DKK’ at foot. See IMAGES for Contents