[General de Gaulle; printed items] Invitation Card with a slip (described below) from 'General de Gaulle | President' in French to (handwritten) Mr and Mrs Boissevain [see note below].

[General de Gaulle, sometime President of France]
de Gaulle
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Waldorf Astoria, New York City, 10 juillet1944
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Card, 14.5 x 12cm, stained and dulled but clear and complete. With a slip hooked on it, 9 x 9cm, with text mainly in capitals as follows: This invitation together with this slip must be presented at the Entrance for Admittance || Use 49th Street Private | Ballroom Entrance ONLY; [Invitation] Printed Text: Le général de Gaulle , président du Gouvernement provi- soire de la République française vous prie de lui faire l'honneur d'assister à la réception qu'il donnera au Waldorf Astoria le lundi 10 juillet 1944 | 6 a 8 hr. | Salle Basildon Room [handwritten]. Note: a. de Gaulle had a suite at the Waldorf Astoria during the War; b. [Wikipedia] Charlotte Ives Boissevain (1886[1] – 1976), born Charlotte Danziger, was an American actress who appeared on Broadway and in silent films [...] [She] married Dutch-born importer Jan M. Boissevain in 1921. She was on friendly terms with people like H.G. Wells, Rebecca West and Somerset Maugham whose letters to her feature in the collection from which this invitation was extracted. SEE IMAGE.