[General de Gaulle; printed items] Invitation Card with a slip (described below) from 'General de Gaulle | President' in French to (handwritten) Mr and Mrs Boissevain [see note below].

[General de Gaulle, sometime President of France]
de Gaulle
Publication details: 
Waldorf Astoria, New York City, 10 juillet1944
de Gaulle

Card, 14.5 x 12cm, stained and dulled but clear and complete. With a slip hooked on it, 9 x 9cm, with text mainly in capitals as follows: This invitation together with this slip must be presented at the Entrance for Admittance || Use 49th Street Private | Ballroom Entrance ONLY; [Invitation] Printed Text: Le général de Gaulle , président du Gouvernement provi- soire de la République française vous prie de lui faire l'honneur d'assister à la réception qu'il donnera au Waldorf Astoria le lundi 10 juillet 1944 | 6 a 8 hr. | Salle Basildon Room [handwritten]. Note: a.

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