Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Aboyne (later the 9th Marquess of Huntly) from 'A C <Dugend?>' of Aberdeen, concerning the uniforms of 'the Band of Music' (Aberdeenshire Militia?), and containing a 'detailed estimate' of the cost.

George Gordon, 9th Marquess of Huntly [known as the Earl of Aboyne from 1795 to 1836] (1761-1853) [the Aberdeenshire Militia (later the 3rd Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders)]
Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Aboyne
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2 January 1799; Aberdeen.
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Both letter and estimate clear and complete; both good, on lightly-aged paper. Letter: 4to, 3 pp. Bifolium. Addressed, with faint circular 'ABER | DEEN' postmark in black ink, on reverse of second leaf, to 'The Right Honourable | The Earl of Aboyne | Montrose'. The letter is in two parts: the first (12 lines) on the recto of the first leaf, informs the Earl that 'The Buttons were sent by yesterdays Mail', and that, 'Some days since', he 'sent by the Mail Coach a pattern Coat as a Uniform for the Band. - In the box was enclosed a pattern of an inferior Cloth, with a hole put in it of Soldiers Lace.' The second part of the letter (21 lines) is on the middle two pages. He states that 'The Cloathing, except the Drummers, is all made but the alteration will be easily affected'. It will 'not be possible to attempt any thing' until 'the Companies are finally arranged': 'The extra Lamb-skin wings can lay [sic] in store for future Cloathing'. He is 'happy the uniform for the Band pleases', and is sending 'a detailed estimate, to shew every particular, in case any alteration should be deemed necessary to reduce the price', which could not be lower, 'considering the quality of materials & workmanship'. He assumes, 'from what Capt Bartlett mentioned', that 'the whole of the new levy is to be put in Steps'. The accompanying estimate is also in two parts. The first part is headed 'An estimate for the Band of Music similar to pattern' and this gives a breakdown of the prices for a 'Suit' made up of a 'Vest of Breeches' (7 items) and a 'Coat' (13 items). The total price of the suit is £5 3s 5d, and the 20 items begin with '1 1/8 yd. 7/4 white Cloth . . . 11/ . . . 12: 4 1/2'. Other items include prices for lengths of 'broad Prussian silver Lace', 'Silver Frienge [sic]' and '1 Pair Thistles'. The second part of the estimate is 'An estimate of an uniform suit of Cloathing for the Band of inferior Materials of which a pattern of Cloth and Lace was inclosed in the Box'. The letter presumably relates to the Aberdeenshire Militia, of which the Earl of Aboyne was Colonel, and in which Robert Bartlett was Captain.