Copy of typed report into the 'Development of Rail Car Services in Europe [Germany, Austria, Hungary and Denmark]', by the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton?]. With six fold-out blueprints.

[Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton (1887-1962), English civil engineer?]
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Junin, Peru; 29 November 1935.
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32pp., foolscap 8vo, bound into white wraps with the six fold-out blueprints. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn wraps. Figure 1: '2-6-2 Diesel Locomotive V.1601 (showing the 'general characteristics' of the 'new 1400 H.P. Diesel locomotive'). Figure 2: 'General Arrangement of the small standard Shunting Locomotive' ('75 H.P. Diesel shunting locomotive made by the Deutz Motorenfabr, Köln, Germany'). Figure 3: 'general proportions' of 'the old "Flying Hamburger" and the new unit equipped with hydraulic transmission'). Figure 4: '150 H.P. Diesel-Hydraulic Rail Car'. Figure 5: '2-2 + 2-2 Petrol-hydraulic Railcar, series VT63'. Figure 6: 'Acceleration curves for various power-transmissions'. The report begins: 'I spent most of the month of August visiting Germany, Austria, Hungary and Denmark for the purpose of obtaining as much information as I possibly could in connection with the development of rail cars and rail car services in Europe, and I divided my tipe principally into three sections, namely: - | a) Visiting the Works of engine and rail car builders. | b) Discussing the subject with the various Chief Mechanical Engineers and Operating Staff. | c) Travelling on various rail cars for the purpose of forming my own impressions.' Headings: Trip from Strasburg to Cham ('accompanied by Herr Oberbaurat F. Scherrer (Sectional Operating Engineer) of the German State Railways, on a Diesel car of 150 H.P.'); Austrian State Railways; The Steiermarkische Landisbahnem Railway Company; Visit to Austrian State Railways' Offices, Vienna; Visit to Hungarian State Railways; Trial of Egyptian State Railways' Diesel Rail Car; Trial Run on 500 H.P. Diesel Car; Visit to the Headquarters of the German State Rlys., Berlin; Danish State Railways. From the papers of William Frank Stanton.