[Peter Rylands] Autograph Letter Signed "Peter Rylands" to "Brooke Robinson" (Dudley lawyer?).

Peter Rylands, politician and wire manufacturer (Wikipedia)
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[Printed heading] Bewsey House, Warrington, 25 Sept. 1871.
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Four pages, 12mo, remannts from tipping in album or similar, sl. grubby, text clear and complete. He discusses the previous situation of "John Gamble", a servant, who he says was 'trustworthy & obliging' in the few months he was employed by him., "He is not at all afraid of hard work but rather appears to like it but is somewhat rough in his manner & makes too much noise." He had to tell him off for this, and prefers quiet servants. "His ob;liging disposition would make him useful as a valet [..." He believes him honest, and not opportunistic with Rylands wine, "although I did not give him the controul [sic] in any way of the cellar. | I think, however, he got for a time rather too fond of Beer, without being drunk [...] when preparing for a large dinner party in my house he got rather excited & spoke to the foot-man in a passionate manner which caused a disturbance. This having occurred a second time I discharged him". He has written candidly but doesn't think Gamble would do it again. He emphasises Gamble's good qualities in conclusion.