[Tony Sarg; railway posters] Three Autograph Letters Signed to 'Miss Manook'.

Tony Sarg [ Anthony Frederick Sarg (1880-1942), known professionally as Tony Sarg, a German American puppeteer and illustrator]
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London, 1911-1913.
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ITEM ONE: 20 May 1911, on letterhead '3, Linnell Close, | Hampstead Garden Suburb, | London, N.W.'; ITEM TWO: 23 Dec. 1912, Granville House, Arundel St., Strand, London, EC..' ITEM THREE: 11 January 1913, 'Granville House. | Arundel St. Strand. | London E.C. ITEM ONE: 3 pages, 12mo. Very good, though slightly discoloured. 'Your very closely written letter would have melted any artist's heart and I did the little sketch [not present] in seperate [sic] envelope with great pleasure, particularly as the object of your collection is to cheer you up in your old age. The artist in Printers Pie is not a likeness of myself, but of another brother artist called Fred Taylor'. He encloses a photograph (not present). 'If you continue writing your very amusing letters to my brother artists I feel sure your collection will grow rapidly before you leave for India.' ITEM TWO: 2pp., 8vo, good condition. He is responding to Christmas Greetings and the warns her. "On January Ist you will see a poster of mine on the electric Railway stations the beginning of a series appearing once every month during 1913. " He asks as a favour that she write once in a while to Electric Railway House, Broadway, Westminster asking for a print "as (of course?) you liked the poster so much." People doing this may help him get "another big order". ITEM THREE: 2pp., 8vo. Very good, on discoloured paper. Regarding a poster: 'I am astonished you have missed it for the tube stations seem to be plastered with them The poster depicts a large crowd waiting outside the pit entrance of a theatre and they are being entertained by street musicians. I have seen the posters at Charing X Leicester Square Tottenham Crt Rd etc. etc and I know that there [are] one thousand of them out just now, so look again and you will find, but of course you must not look on the District Railways as they do not belong to the same Company.' All items signed 'Tony Sarg'.