Small archive of material relating to Lord Pakenham [Lord Longford], comprising five typescripts (including an early draft of a portion of his 1953 autobiography), twenty-four black and white photographs and a few items of correspondence.

Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford [Lord Longford] (1905-2001)
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Items dated between 1945 and 1953.
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The collection is lightly-aged, but in good overall condition. It consists of five undated typescripts, twenty-four black and white photographs, and a few items of correspondence. The typescripts: ONE. Early draft of Longford's 1953 autobiography 'Born to Believe', published in 1953. 4to, 58 pp, paginated 1-55, 9A, 9B and 52A. Ends midway through Chapter 6. There are a number of autograph emendations, and the typescript exhibits differences from the published version. A second typed draft of half a page of text covers the earlier draft, which is still legible beneath. Each of the chapters has been retitled. TWO. 'The Catholic on Politics'. 4to, 20 pp. Article. THREE. BBC European Service radio broadcast 'As I see it: On being criticised' by 'Lord Pakenham (OC)'. Folio, 6 pp. FOUR. Review Earl Winterton's memoirs, 'Orders of the Day', published in 1953. 4to, 6 pp. With extensive pencil emendations. FIVE. Copy of review of Isaac Deutscher's 'Russia after Stalin' and Alexander Uralov's 'The Reign of Stalin', both published in 1953. 4to, 3 pp. The twenty-four black and white photographs: ranging in size from 20 x 26 cm to 9 x 2 cm. The six largest photographs, all captioned, are publicity shots, including images of Longford as 'Minister for the British Zone in Germany, Cologne, 1947'; 'Labour Candidate for Oxford City, 1945'; making a speech as Minister of Aviation, 1945; alighting from a Bristol helicopter. The seventeen smaller photographs appear to have been taken by Longford himself. Six are captioned, and the images include family members, planes, locomotives and the 'Selfridges coronation display'. Three Typed Letters Signed addressed to Longford, all dating from 1953. The first, from his solicitor F. Fortescue-Brickdale, encloses a typed copy of a letter from Gregory Rowcliffe & Co on the 'Longford Settled Estates' (4to, 2 pp); the second, from J. N. Niskin, encloses a copy (4to, 2 pp) of a 'statement on NATO', for which '[f]our prominent American citizens' are inviting support; the third (4to, 2 pp) is from Ralph Gorman of 'The Sign' magazine of New Jersey, regarding its publication of Longford's 'conversion story'. Also included are a bill, a receipt and an acknowledgement, all relating to Longford.