Printed 'special memorandum on The Shaft Graves and Bee-hive Tombs of Mycenae and their Inter-relation by Sir Arthur Evans D.Litt., F.R.S., F.B.A., etc.'

Sir Arthur Evans, D.Litt., F.R.S., F.B.A., etc. [ Macmillan & Co. Limited, London publishers; Friedrich von Duhn (1851-1930), German archaeologist ]
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London: Macmillan & Co. Limited. 'Printed in Great Britain by The Campfield Press, St. Albans.' Printed in '8.30', i.e. August 1930.
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3 + [1]pp., 12mo. Bifoliate pamphlet. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Evans's book on 'The Shaft Graves and Bee-hive Tombs of Mycenae' had been published by Macmillans in 1929, and Evans writes that the present item 'has been prepared in view of the considered opinion concerning the author's important discovery expressed by Professor Friedrich von Duhn, the distinguished German archaeologist, a little before his death'. This opinion of Duhn ('the "Grand Old Man" of German Archaeology') was 'addressed to the Author a little before his death'. Reference is made to a piece in the Times Literary Supplement, 7 August 1929. No copy of this item traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.