[ British North Africa Force, Battle for Tunis, 1943. ] Contemporary duplicated 'SECRET' typescript: 'German Tactics in Tunisian Campaign.'

[ British North Africa Force [ BNAF ]; Tunisia Campaign; Battle for Tunis, 1943 ]
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Without date or place [ British North Africa Force [ BNAF ], Tunisia, 1943. ] Headed '102/G/I.'
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4pp., 8vo. On four leaves stapled together. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Divided into eight sections: 'General', 'Tanks' [including TIGER TANKS], 'A.Tk Guns', 'Fd Arty', 'Recce Units', 'Panzer Grenadiers' [including 'CONCLUSIONS'], 'Engineers' and 'Air Co-operation'. Scarce: no other copy traced (not in the Imperial War Museum collection). From the papers of military historian Barrie Pitt.