[ William Scott; law ] Autograph Notes (Remarks) Signed "W. Scott", on a Parliamentary report concerning charitable payments to children and other matters.

William Scott, 1st Baron Stowell (1745–1836), judge and jurist.
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No place or date [Parliament, LOndon, 1809 ]
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Two pages, 4to, bifolium, fold marks, good condition, large handwriting. "p.13 [page of report or similar presumably] Is it quite decided that any Species of Degree of bodily Infirmity shall entirely disqualify a child from receiving any benefit from this charitable Institution. There are many Trades to which infirm Children may be apprenticed; and to provide such Children with the Means of procuring a Subsistence for themselves in Life, is surely a most beneficial Act of Charity not only to themselves but to their Parents, who may have been Persons of the highest Class of Merits. || On Duty of Chaplain - Page not marked [overleaf] "Just a Festival that may be directed by the Ordinary" should be "by the King or the Ordinary" | Same Page | after the words "according to their Capacities every Sunday" add "at the proper time prepare them for Confirmation by the Bishop." Note (snippet view): "Journals of the House of Commons - Volume 64 - Page 661. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - 1809 - ?Snippet view - ?More editions... and likewise on Christmas-day, Good Friday, and every public Fast or Festival that may be directed by Your Majesty, or by the Ordinary, and, at the proper times, prepare them for confirmation by the Bishop."