[ Aslett Baldwin; Arctic exploration ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Aslett') to his mother, on a sermon by Campbell Morgan on the death of Edward VII, and a lecture by 'Commander Peary [...] on his discovery of the North Pole'., and Scott's capacities.

Aslett Baldwin (1860-1945), FRCS, proctologist [ Commander Robert Edwin Peary (1856-1920), supposed discoverer of the North Pole ]
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6 Manchester Square, London. 8 May 1910.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He 'went this a.m. to hear Dr Campbell Morgan, there was a huge audience extending into the 2nd. gallery. He did not preach the sermon he had prepared, but said what came into his mind in connection with the death of the King'. He 'passed the Palace & saw the Royal Standard of England flyig at 1/2 mast'. He regrets the king's death, finding him 'such a good sort & such a power for good politically'. The previous Wednesday he went to the Albert Hall and heard Commander Peary lecture before the Royal Geographical Society on his discover of the North Pole. The Hall was full & many photos were thron on a screen. Peary was given the Society's gold medal & Captain Bartlett, his right hand man, a British subject, a silver one. One of the speakers was 'CAptain Scott, who is to command the British Antarctic Expedition [...], he does not look very strong for such a job, but I hope he will carry the Union Jack to the South Pole, as the Stars & Stripes have been carried to the North'. The letter continues with references to 'the Japan British Exhibition', and a 'lecture at the R. I.' by Sir Almroth Wright. Scott was due to leave for the Antarctic on 15 June.