Autograph Poem Signed.

Catherine Sinclair.
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Scottish novelist (1800-1864). One page, trimmed, removed from an album, 7 x 4.5", text cldear and apparently complete, as follows: "Lines on the death of a Christian Hero.- // Let not a tear upon his grave be shed / The common tribute to the common dead, / But let the good, the [?], & the brave, / With noble envy sigh for such a grave / Catherine Sinclair / 28 Novr- / 1857". From the album formed by Annie, David Brewster's (see DNB) daughter-in-law. Brewster helped her with donations. (I have a ltter to her from him on the subject.) It is likely that Sinclair and Brewster were acquainted and, piquantly, Sinclair published "The Kaleidoscope of Anecdotes and apphorisms" in 1851. Brewster invented the kaleidoscope.