[ John Bertram Askew, socialist writer and associate of Engels, Trotsky and Lenin. ] Two long parts of Autograph Letters, one signed 'J. B. Askew', on topics including the state of Russia, August Bebel, Karl Kautsky, SDP Congress in Breslau 1895.

J. B. Askew [ John Bertram Askew ] (1869-1929), socialist writer, associate of Engels, Trotsky and Lenin [ August Bebel; SPD Party Congress, Breslau 1895 ]
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No details of date, place or recipient. [ Breslau Congress, 1895. ]
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The two parts, apparently from different letters, are both on bifoliums: the first, numbered '2', is 4pp., 12mo; the second, numbered '5', is 4pp., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The second bifolium signed at end: 'Best Wishes to Mrs C. | Yrs | J B. Askew'. Written in a neat if somewhat eccentric hand. The first bifolium begins: '[…] is very sore. Nothing will be done at the Congress except Bebel [August Bebel (1840-1913), German socialist] will speak and move a resolution to the effect that the Party stands by its present program and tactics. There has not been a word paid as to the possibility of asking B. to reconsider his position in the party. I think after K's book this would be unnecessary. K's position is so much the stronger, it must win. And his book according to Dietz the publisher is selling faster than B's, which few people expected. I am going to review the book in the Social Dem. next month or so I think. I think of making it a general review of the Controversy – whether this will be possible or not I dont know.' The first part continues with reference to ''s Review in Fabian news'; 'the suicidal manner Justice is running an anti-Semitic campaign' (he has 'written to say they must choose between Soc: Dem: & Anti-S. Either the Jews are the principle evil or capitalism'); Hyndman, who is 'at the old game again'. He is 'going fm the Congress to Hannover tonight for the week', and will 'write an acc. In Justice and possibly the Newcastle Daily Leader a rather Whig organ from a non party standpoint'. The first bifolium ends with news from Germany ('full of scandals here ministerial crises- official denials. So on.'), concluding with a reference to 'Dr. von Miquel [Johann von Miquel (1828-1901)] – Prussian Finance Minister & Ex-Communist & friend of Marx – now organizer of the Anti-Soc: Dem: campaign', who is 'much implicated in he press activity of a certain von Zedlitz who […]'. The second bifolium begins: '[…] Julius Motteler speak? I have just had a letter from Bach who is very despondent over the S.D.F. Which he says is so stupid. He was very angry with their tactic in the Labour Rep: Conference, as he asked why he didnt put a motion forward condemning the war, as he thought they ought to lay stress on that rather than on resolutions about the class war – but told him he hadnt time. I must say the S.D.F. Are maddening with their silly abuse of the I.L.P. You have seen they accuse the I.L.P. of treachery. I wrote a letter to Justice protesting against this & defending the I.L.P. on the strength of what I had seen in Justice.' He continues with reference to ''s article in the May Day no. of “Justice”' and the relative threats posed by England and Russia. 'Russia now is proceeding very rapidly on the lines of capitalistic development and it is not impossible that the autocracy may derive a fresh lease of life from it – especially as the middle class are more afraid of the proletariat than of the autocracy'. He ends on the questions of 'the minutes of the Congress of the German Party' and 'the result of the Parl: Com: on municipal Trading'.?>?>?>