[ John Bertram Askew, socialist writer and associate of Engels, Trotsky and Lenin. ] Two long parts of Autograph Letters, one signed 'J. B. Askew', on topics including the state of Russia, August Bebel, Karl Kautsky, SDP Congress in Breslau 1895.

J. B. Askew [ John Bertram Askew ] (1869-1929), socialist writer, associate of Engels, Trotsky and Lenin [ August Bebel; SPD Party Congress, Breslau 1895 ]
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No details of date, place or recipient. [ Breslau Congress, 1895. ]

The two parts, apparently from different letters, are both on bifoliums: the first, numbered '2', is 4pp., 12mo; the second, numbered '5', is 4pp., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The second bifolium signed at end: 'Best Wishes to Mrs C. | Yrs | J B. Askew'. Written in a neat if somewhat eccentric hand. The first bifolium begins: '[…] is very sore. Nothing will be done at the Congress except Bebel [August Bebel (1840-1913), German socialist] will speak and move a resolution to the effect that the Party stands by its present program and tactics.

[Printed item.] Thorley's Illustrated Farmers' Almanack and Diary. 1895.

[Joseph Thorley, Steam Printing Offices, Thornhill Bridge, King's Cross, London; G. E. Robertson, engraver]
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Joseph Thorley, King's Cross, London, N. ['At his Steam Printing Offices, Thornhill Bridge, King's Cross, London.'] [Printed in 1894 for 1895.]

64pp., 12mo. In illustrated coloured printed wraps, with the front cover showing a selection of well-fed farmyard animals on a green in front of what looks like Windsor Castle. With three plates printed in brown: '"Sport Provided"' (boy hiding under bridge tampering with maid's fishing line), 'An Old Offender' by G. E. Robertson (double page, man in eighteenth-century dress shaking his fist at a donkey in a pound) and '"The Omnibus Driver's Story"' (omnibus driver and four passengers). In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with slight staining to back cover.

'A Picture Book for Country Voters. Being No. 5 of a Special General Election Issue of Picture Politics.' [Satirical supplement to the Westminster Gazette, with numerous cartoons by F. Carruthers Gould.]

F. Carruthers Gould [Francis Carruthers Gould] (1844-1925), English caricaturist and political cartoonist [Picture Politics, supplement to the Westminster Gazette]
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No. 21. '15/7/95 [15 July 1895] Printed and Published for the Proprietor by John Marshall, at the Offices of The Westminster Gazette, Tudor-street, Whitefriars, London, E.C.'

16pp., folio. In fair condition, on aged and worn newsprint with short closed tear at spine. Spoof articles ('The Secrecy of the Ballot', 'What the Villagers might make of the Parish Councils. By A Villager', 'What the Bishops tried to make of the Parish Councils', 'The Great Liberal Budget and the Wail of the Landlords', and others), with caricatures by Gould featuring Rosebery, Gladstone, Salisbury, the Archbishop of Canterbury and others. Also two full-page cartoons by Gould, titled 'The Tory Village.

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