[Rosa Hollay, Helena Rubinstein's London manager, successor of Suzanne Verdi, 'Beauty Specialist', Old Bond Street, London.] Typed Letter Signed ('Rosa Hollay | Suzanne Verdi') to journaist 'Miss Coury', with Autograph Postscript,

Rosa Hollay [née Bird] (c.1886-1979), London manager of Helena Rubinstein from 1914 [ Suzanne Verdi, 'Beauty Specialist', Old Bond Street, London]
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On letterhead of 44 Old Bond Street, W.1. [London] 30 September 1931.
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The Sunday Times, 20 March 2002, carries an article by Ann Treneman, 'The real face of Rubinstein', discussing the discovery among Hollay's papers of her correspondence with Helena Rubinstein. The correspondence was made use of by Lindy Woodhead in her 2017 book 'War Paint: Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein: Their Lives, their Times, Their Rivalry'. Hollay was Rubinstein's London manager from 1914. In 1929 she severed her connection with Rubinstein, announcing in The Times (10 April 1929) 'that she has entirely severed her connexion with the establishment which she managed for so many years, and has ACQUIRED the BUSINESS of SUZANNE VERDI, 4, OLD BOND STREET' Hollay was Verdi's 'successor', but in 1933 the firm could still be listed as 'Verdi Mme. Suzanne, Beauty Specialist, 44 Old Bond II st.' On 8 August 1934 The Times carried a 'false report of death' for Hollay. And on 16 October 1942 she vacated the premises, continuing to deal with her High Society customers from her home, 31 Kensington Square. 1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. She begins by apologising for sending a typed letter ('it is late and I can type more than I can write!') and thanking her for an enjoyable evening ('I am afraid I was dull company, but after all it is good to feel at peace with ones companion – don't you think so?'). References follow to Coury's 'little enamel case', a day 'of warts, moles, hairs etc', 'this weeks Queens', whether Coury would really 'like a block of me in your pages'. The letter concludes: 'Please don't forget to make use of this place just when and as you please. Keep a frock or case here and change and titivate when you wish. It would make me happy to know you were finding this little Home of Beauty of some use to you. You must try and save fatigue all you can (said the pot calling the kettle black!)' Autograph postscript: 'You did look so amazingly handsome last night in spite of fatigue.'