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James Anderson.
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Editor of "Diplomata", antiquary (DNB). Sixteen lines on one page, small folio, some damage, but text complete and clear. Not signed. On the reverse Is written "Minut of the procuratorie of Resignation" [in Anderson's hand] and "Autograph of James Anderson - the Editor of the Diplomata." The main text is as follows: "I as procurator for William Earle of Kinnoull Resign His Title and Dignity as Earle of Kinnoull Viscount of Duplin Lord Hay of Kinfauns with all priviledges and precedency belonging thereunto In your Majesties hands In favoure of the said Earle himself and [farlying?failing] of him by decease In favoure of Thomas, now Viscount of Duplin designed In the procuratory Thomas Hay of Balhousie and the heirs male lawfully procreat Or to be procreat of his body, which [failying?] In favoure succeeding to him In his Lande and Barony of Duplin And thereupon I take Instrument." Note: This refers presumably to William, 5th Earl, and Thomas, 6th Earl, William dying in 1709 (Burke's).