[Thomas George Knox, Irish soldier and diplomat] Autograph Letter Signed Thomas George Knox to Mrs. Smith

Thomas George Knox [Sir Thomas George Knox (1824–1887), Irish soldier and diplomat, consul-general in Siam from 1868 to 1879.]
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Biarritz, 17 Dec. [1880]
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Four pages, 8vo, bifolium. He apologises for being too busy to reply sooner, and goes on to discuss the affairs of the Club [British Club in the venue de Palais, Biarritz]. It was decided to build a new Club on a large scale on the site of the lodge on the right as you enter to Palais grounds. It is to cost £8000 of which they say £5000 is promised - They go to work at once. Of the success or otherwise of the undertaking I say nothing. He then describes the circumstances in which a Lt Col. Frederick [West?] was blackballed, but who thought Knox was the principal offender. At a meet (fox-hunting) he called Knox a slanderer, laying hold of his horse. Knoiw put the matter into the hands of three friends whio had no option but to require an apology which was not offered. They declined further association with him. He concludes with brief description of successful fox-hunt locally.