[Thomas George Knox, Irish soldier and diplomat] Autograph Letter Signed Thomas George Knox to Mrs. Smith

Thomas George Knox [Sir Thomas George Knox (1824–1887), Irish soldier and diplomat, consul-general in Siam from 1868 to 1879.]
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Biarritz, 17 Dec. [1880]

Four pages, 8vo, bifolium. He apologises for being too busy to reply sooner, and goes on to discuss the affairs of the Club [British Club in the venue de Palais, Biarritz]. It was decided to build a new Club on a large scale on the site of the lodge on the right as you enter to Palais grounds. It is to cost £8000 of which they say £5000 is promised - They go to work at once. Of the success or otherwise of the undertaking I say nothing. He then describes the circumstances in which a Lt Col. Frederick [West?] was blackballed, but who thought Knox was the principal offender.

[ Fox-hunting in Ireland; Printed Verse; Not recorded ] The Darrigle Day. | November 15th, 1880

H.P. [ Fox-hunting in Ireland; Verse ]
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Presumably Darrigle, nr Portlaw, Ireland, 15 November 1880.

[For Private Circulation only] Unpublished poem, four pages, 8vo, not bound, sl. water affected ow good condition, fourteen verses on three pages. First verse; You may boast of your spins over Aylesbury Vale; | You may brag of your gallops from Ranksboro' gorse; | Of your Greatwood or Waterloo tell a fine tale; | Of your deeds in the shires you may talk yourselves hoars: | They are well in their way: but we all of us say | There is nothing can equal our Darrigle Day.

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