[ Beatrice Webb, social reformer et al ] Typed Letter Signed illegibly Beatrice Webb | [typed] (Mrs Sidney Webb) to [Thomas Lloyd] Humberstone , touching on the authorship of some articles, Sidney's poor health et al.

Beatrice Webb [Martha Beatrice Webb, Baroness Passfield, (née Potter; (1858 -1943), sociologist, economist, socialist, labour historian and social reformer]
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[Headed] Passfield Corner, Liphook, Hants, 17 March 1938.
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One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I regret that my husband's serious breakdown in health prevents him from answering your note of March 14th. He tells me that the aticles in The Times quoted in the book were written by himself: he was very fond of writing unsigned articles in newspapers and then quoting them, as he knew the quotations wouyld be apt! | I fear that he is quite unable to see you, as he is not strong enough to see friends, and especially those who wish to discuss serious questions with him. Do you happen to know Mr. R.W. Bell, an official of the L.C.C.? If so, he might be able to give you some information, as he is writing the history, I understand, of the L.C.C. and London Education. | Many thanks for letting us see your interesting review of Maurice's 'Life of Haldane'. Of course the author was principally concerned with his military reconstruction. Note: Thomas Lloyd Humberstone (1876-1957) was a prominent member of the Convocation of the University of London. He published a book on University Reform in 1926.~90~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT LABOUR PARTY FABIAL SOCIETY LSE~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~

23294~18/08/2020~False~Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh (1872-1953) was a British polymath, translator, arts patron and civil servant; Private Secretary to Churchill]~[ Edward Marsh, PS to Churchill ] Typed Note Signed E Marsh to Thomas Lloyd Humberstone, conveying Chancellor of the Exchequer Churchill's thanks for sending a copy of his book on University Reform.~[Embossed Stamp of Chancellor of the Exchequer, then Embossed] Treasury Chambers, Whitehall, S.W., 8 Dec. 1826~One page, 4to, fold marks, good condition. Text: Mr. Churchill desires me to thank you for the copy of your book on University Reform in London, which you have been good enough to send him.~50~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT GEORGIAN POETS RUPERT BROOKE WINSTON CHURCHILL~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~

23296~20/08/2020~False~Mervyn Levy (1914 – 1996), Welsh artist, art teacher and writer on art].~[Mervyn Levy, Welsh Artist ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed Mervyn to Brom [John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh artist] about prospective Exhibitions and Client/Collectors..~[Headed] No. 3 Army College, Chisledon Camp, Nr. Swindon, Wilts., 2 Dec. 1947. With recycled envelope addressed in his hand.~Four pages, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I was delighted [underlined] at long last to receive a reply to my letter: on one occasion [phrase underlined], I carefull replied to a certain letter - whic I had filed - seven years [phrase underlined] after I had originally received it: So a few months is nothing, my dear fellow! | I suggested to Gilbert Phelps that you might be the lad for 'Arts Chronicle' thismonth, but alas, your voice isn't quite OK: the microphonbe business is a bit tricky. [...] And you hear my review of the Royal West Academy on 19 Nov. I mentioned your still-life: really it wasn't much of a show, was it!. About the Welsh Show - [?] is still looking for a suitable gallery: I am now working [underlined] on the National Museum, through John Steegman & will of course let you know as soon as anything develops. The show at the St. George's Gallery was unknown iof to me, until I heard that Faed was showing there' | I have been asked to send some work to another [underlined] London Exhibition of Welsh Painting, due to open in ealry January at Heals' Galleries [underlined], Tottenham Court [leaf 2] Do you know anything about this show? The man organising it with Heals' is a fellow (a very bad painter) called Alan Tennant Moon, & if you would care to write to him c/o Heals, he would I am sure let you have particulars if you are interested - sending in dates - Dec. 29-3 Jan. | I will be in Bristol 27028 with my wife for my broadcast on Sunday 28th & would come to see you & like you to meet my wife also: could you perhaps put us up for a night? We are booked in the Grand Hotel for the Sat. to Sun: anyway let me know [?]: I have met a millionaire collector of pictures near here - a fellow called H.G.P. [H.J.P. Bomford] - a marvellous collector of French Impressionists - Manet, Cezanne, Renon, - Degas - & heaven knows what else besides - Gainsborough - Reynolds - Constable - Turner[.] I have given in your name & will try & get him over to see your work as soon as I can.