[ Mervyn Levy, Welsh Artist ] Autograph Letter Signed MERVYN LEVY to My dear old boy [John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh artist] about his activities; a meeting; Welsh Art Exhibition. WITH: Two autograph copy letters of Rees's letters to Levy.

Mervyn Levy [(1914 – 1996), Welsh artist, art teacher and writer on art].
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3 Army College, Chisledon, Wilts, 21 April 1847. In original envelope.

Two pages, 12mo, fold marks, good condition. Text: Faed [fellow-artist] wrote me a letter some little while ago, which I only received on Saturday on my return from Berlin, & the conclusion of a German lecture tour, I am simply delighted to hear of your existence & whereabouts & hope we can soon meet. Please write, and if you could come up to this part of the world, even this coming week-end, I might see you more quickly then i[?] we would until I can get to Bristol. I am going to Gibraltar next month, so let's try & fix something up as soon as possible.

[ Beatrice Webb, social reformer et al ] Typed Letter Signed illegibly Beatrice Webb | [typed] (Mrs Sidney Webb) to [Thomas Lloyd] Humberstone , touching on the authorship of some articles, Sidney's poor health et al.

Beatrice Webb [Martha Beatrice Webb, Baroness Passfield, (née Potter; (1858 -1943), sociologist, economist, socialist, labour historian and social reformer]
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[Headed] Passfield Corner, Liphook, Hants, 17 March 1938.

One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I regret that my husband's serious breakdown in health prevents him from answering your note of March 14th. He tells me that the aticles in The Times quoted in the book were written by himself: he was very fond of writing unsigned articles in newspapers and then quoting them, as he knew the quotations wouyld be apt! | I fear that he is quite unable to see you, as he is not strong enough to see friends, and especially those who wish to discuss serious questions with him. Do you happen to know Mr. R.W. Bell, an official of the L.C.C.?

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