[General Peron; Argentina; cyclostyled or similar] Traduccion || BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF GENERAL PERON.

[Juan Domingo Perón (1895 – 1974), Argentine Army general and politician] Anon., Translator: J.W. de Kember.
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Presidencia de la Nacion | Subsecretaria de Informaciones [printed on each page] | Division Publicaciones | Sec. Traductores e Interpretes | Octubre 20 de 1954.
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Five pages, folio, good condition, apart from rust marks around the paper clip holding the pages together. With embossed stamp top of each page, two arms holding a torch aloft. A favourable view of the life of Peron from birth up to and including his second presidency (4 June 1952), concluding: On the 7th of May of 1953 National Congress, convened in extraordinary sessions, expressing the will of the people, recognized and acclaimed General Juan Peron as Liberator of the Republic. With two carbon copies of pp.2 & 3. Image of page 1 available. No other copy traced, nor does text appear on Googlebooks.