[Hon. John Collier, artist] Printed Request from W.A. Browne & Co., Chartered Accountants, pp. London Library, about an outstanding subscription to the London Library, with MS additions, and a Note initialed J.C.

John Collier [John Maler Collier (1850 – 1934), painter and writer.]
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[Printed] 308 Winchester House, Old Broad Street, London, E.C. | May Ist, 190[3].
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One page, 12mo, edges ragged but text clear and complete. See image. They ask if John Collier will confirm that his subscription was outstanding on 30th April 1903 when due on the 13th. Collier has confrimed this with his signature and his address, and added a note as follows: The subscription is paid by the London Joint Stock Bank. It seems to be their custom to pay on May1st. | J.C. See image.