[Henry Cole as sub-commissioner under the Record Commission; Exchequer Records] Incomplete Autograph Letter or Draft in Cole's Handwriting about an impediment in the arrangement of the Miscellaneous Records of the Exchequer.

[Henry Cole][Sir Henry Cole (1808 – 11882), civil servant and inventor who facilitated many innovations in commerce & education in the 19th century in the U.K.]
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No place, 4 March 1835.
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Two pages, 4to, good condition, lacking at least a signature page. An impediment in the arrangement of the Miscellaneous Records of the Exchequer which I feel it my duty to submit to the notice of the Board. | I requested the Bagbearer to deliver [to me] for the purpose of cataloguing &c [whatever excised] all ministers Accounts of the period of Hen.8 & the immediately succeeding reigns.- These Ministers Accounts, I regard as strictly Miscellaneous, and for these reasons - That there is no catalogue or Index of them and That they are scattered in various places throughout the Records of the Office [from That words added by him - perhaps indicating a draft?] That a considerable number are deposited in the number are deposited in the Stone Tower at Westminster without any classification or catalogue and their nature is only partially known: That Other portions of the same species of Record are distributed amongst the unarranged Miscellaneous Records at the Mews.- and that a third portion is at present in progress of being catalogues at the Augmentation Office. | These [species of elided] Records I believe to be part of the large series of Ministers Accounts strictly belonging {...}. See the Image of the second page. Note: The additions and corrections to the text suggest this was a draft. Presumably addressed to a superior (Charles Purton Cooper?).