[Thomas Babington Macaulay, historian] Autograph Letter to John sadly robbed of its signature by persons unknown, but concerning the contemporary success of his History, and other interesting matters.

Thomas Babington Macaulay [Ist Baron Macaulay, (1800 – 1859), historian and Whig politician].
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Albany, 23 Oct.1849
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Formerly a four-page bifolium, but half a page cut off presumably including the signature, poor condition, with crude repair to a tear, but text clear and readable though the handwriting is a scrawl. A margin has been added, and the words Lord Macaulay. See Image of first page. Text: He thanks him for his letter. I have read it with much interest and pleasure. What you say of the Northern peasantry confirms the opinion which I have always held about them. I remember many years ago saying to poor Lord Kerry that, if Bowood were only in Lancashire, it would be the most enviable place in the world, but that the pauperism and broken spirit of the Wiltshire labourers would make it painful to me to live among them even in a palace. | I am glad that you are [section missing presumably including signature] [...] respected & loved by your parishioners. | I shall show your letter to Hannah tomorrow. I am very [section missing] [...] I have just come back from a visit to Lord Lansdowne. Tomorrow I shall be at work again. I am getting on pleasantly and satisfactorily. The sale still keeps up beyond all expectations. The sixth edition goes to press tomorrow, which will bring the whole numbers of copies up to 22,000 for England. The History was initially published the year before this letter was written.