[Thomas Babington Macaulay, historian] Autograph Letter to John sadly robbed of its signature by persons unknown, but concerning the contemporary success of his History, and other interesting matters.

Thomas Babington Macaulay [Ist Baron Macaulay, (1800 – 1859), historian and Whig politician].
Publication details: 
Albany, 23 Oct.1849

Formerly a four-page bifolium, but half a page cut off presumably including the signature, poor condition, with crude repair to a tear, but text clear and readable though the handwriting is a scrawl. A margin has been added, and the words Lord Macaulay. See Image of first page. Text: He thanks him for his letter. I have read it with much interest and pleasure. What you say of the Northern peasantry confirms the opinion which I have always held about them.

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