[Luigi Montesanto, Italian baritone opera singer.] Autograph Signature (‘Luigi Montesanto’) to part of printed English libretto to Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’.

Luigi Montesanto (1887-1954), Italian baritone opera singer
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Dated by Montesanto to 1936. [His Master’s Voice, London.]
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At top right-hand corner of part of printed English libretto to Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’. Dimensions: 13.5 x 17.5 cm. Sloping upwards towards the corner, and underlined: ‘Luigi Montesanto | 1936’. On shiny art paper and in fair condition, lightly creased and a little dog-eared at the corner of the signature. The cutting is headed: ‘Prologue (Pagliacci) ... ... ... ... Leoncavallo | LUGI MONTESANTO | PROLOGUE’, with thirty-two lines of English translation. From the reverse it would appear that the cutting relates to a series of records Montesanto made with Toti dal Monte for His Masters Voice.