[Czech Classical Music and Culture of the early 20th Century.] Album of Dr Stanislava Weinerová, with Autograph Material relating to many Czech musical and cultural figures, including Jan Kubelik, Antal Stašek, Josef Suk, Pavel Ludikar.

Czech Classical Music and Culture of the early 20th Century [Jan Kubelik, Antal Stašek, Josef Suk, Pavel Ludikar, Vratislav Vycpálek, Ceské Kvarteto, Ondríckovo Kvarteto, Dr Stanislava Weinerová]
zech Classical Music
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Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). Material dating from between 1932 and 1970.
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51pp, 4to, of autograph material, including 33pp with inscriptions directly on the page, and 28 items (almost all with signed inscriptions) laid down, the latter consisting of publicity photographs, parts of programmes, an Autograph Card Signed and an original drawing. In a superior 4to album of 116pp, on 58 leaves of good watermarked laid paper. The final 32pp are blank. Twelve pages carry empty corner mounts, and there are also signs of leaves torn out and other evidence of removal of material. With stationer’s ticket of ‘JOSEF HODEK / UMELECKÉ KNIHARSTVÍ / JAROMER’. Pigskin binding, with blind-stamped geometric pattern on cover. Top edge gilt, other edges rough. Internally good, with one loose leaf, in worn binding with spine detached at front. The first item is dated 1932 and the last 1970. Most of the material dates from the 1930s. The signatories include: the celebrated violinist Jan Kubelik (1880-1940); the distinguished author Antal Stašek (1843-1931); Ludvík Kuba (1863-1956), folklorist, author and painter (on detached leaf); Julie Bächerová-Nessy (1889-1981), harpist and opera singer; Josef Suk (1874-1935), composer and violinist (Dvorák’s son-in-law); Pavel Ludikar (1882-1970), singer and composer; Antonín Bednár (1896-1949), conductor and composer; two-page autograph poem by Vratislav Vycpálek (1892-1962); the four members of the Ceské Kvarteto [Czech Quartet]: Jirí Herold, Karel Hoffmann, Josef Suk (second signature), Ladislav Zelenka; the four members of the Ondríckovo Kvarteto: including Jaroslav Pekelský; Kamil Vyskocil; Vincent Zahradník; Karel Hoffmeister (1868-1952), pianist and musicologist (with autograph bars of the beginning of a piece titled ‘

noc’); Ada Sari (1886-1968), Polish opera singer; Anna Ziegloserová (1883-1942), writer and actress; Marie Louisa Kühnlová (1891-1945), author and translator; an autograph card from the Russian soprano Gabrielle Kristmann; Stanislav Reiniš, author; one of the final pages is signed by the composer Miroslav Hába (b.1935), the conductor Premysl Charvát (1930-2005), with the singer Oldrich Spisar (1919-2001), Miluše Svobodová, Vilma Kunešová, Zdenek Vanek, B. Folprechtova. One inscription in English: ‘To my dear esteemed friend, Dr. Stanislava Weinerová, in kind remembrance / most sincerely / Edith K. Laidlaw-Mikuškova. | Podebrady. 1 Nov. 1946.’ On the opposite page is a signed publicity portrait on a postcard and a long inscription in the album from ‘Prof. Ing. Victor Juliuš Mikuška’ (author of ‘Das Problem des Lebens’, Württemberg, 1922). Some pages have evidence that items have been taken out (or fallen out). See Image (Josef Suk etc.)