[American shipbuilding, Massachusetts, 1866.] Manuscript ‘Contract for building a Schooner’ between William Greenleaf Blackler of New Bedford and six Fairhaven carpenters, with all their signatures and that of witness Moses H. Delano.

American Shipbuilding, New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts, 1866; William Greenleaf Blackler; Ebenezer Bryden; Benjamin Westgate; George F. Eldred; Charles H. Coombs; Moses H. Delano
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[Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States of America.] ‘made this day March 20th 1866’.
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Blackler’s papers are in the New Bedford Whaling Museum. 4pp, foolscap 8vo. Eighty lines of text, with last page written crosswise. On wove paper with stationer’s embossed mark. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper with light staining at edges. Text clear and entire. Begins: ‘Contract for building a Schooner made this day March 20th 1866 by and between Wm G. Blackler of New Bedford county of Bristol state of Massachusetts of the first part and Ebenezer Brayden, [sic] George Eldridge John Brown - Robert Robeson - Benjamin Westage - Charles Coombs [blank] ship carpenters of Fairhaven county and state aforesaid of the second part as follows’. The six carpenters undertake ‘to make, build and finish complete, all the carpenters labor required, in a good and substantial manner, the same schooner agreeable to the model and moulds of the Schooner “Ida L” built in 1865 by the same parties, under the control and superintendance of Moses H. Delano of Fairhaven, county and state aforesaid’. Specifications and financial arrangements are fully described. Signed by ‘Wm G Blackler’ at the foot of the third page, and by ‘E Bryden’, ‘George F. Eldred’, ‘John Brown’, ‘Robert Robinson’, ‘Benjamin Westgate’ and ‘Charles H Coombs’. ‘M H Delano’ signs twice, for both parties.