[Richard O'Gorman, outlaw or Irish Nationalist; Rising in July 1848] [COPIES] Letter from Mick Blake, of the Barque Barbara, to the Captain of Police, about O'Gorman'smovements. WITH COPY (verso) Letter from Nath[anie]l Spiner to Earl of Bantry

Mick Blake, Captain of the Barque Barbara, and another [Richard O'Gorman Jr, outlaw or Irish Nationalist]
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[Blake] Barque Barbara, Valentia Harbour 23 August 1848; [Spiner] Castletown, 23 August 1848
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Contemporary copies (all in same hand);original letters untraced. Good condition but rough edge on left indicates removed perhaps from a collection. [Mick Blake] one page as follows: We left Galway on Friday the 18th and when coming through the South Sound of [Enniskerr?] in the small Island of Arran [sic] , between that and Balligrewa what the mate calls a Signal was made, when off Killfarby another ws made, and the Second Mate pulled up a flag and pulled it down again and winked at the Captain, at Killiard in the County of Clare the same thing happened and at Kilf Key I see Red Flags pulled up by the Boy that Cooks on board, and a Boat came from that place with four in her. Three [?] Gentlemen that is now on board the Barbara them is hid below decks, and I could show them to you only I am in dread of Some of the other passengers. There is a stink from them as they do not come on deck until we clear ould Erin - If you come on board to-morrow and ask for Mick Blake, don't say fro what I'll do the job - I want to get back to Galway - I see your honor on board and would have [? and told it, only for the water guard was near you - hold a hard cheek and do not sell the passon me, and I will make the Bread of us both - Do you not mind many of them pealers [sic], we can do the job wirthout them [...] On the verso a note to the Earl of Bantry from a Nathaniel Spiner (Captain of Police perhaps?) giving the locations of Richard O'Gorman, outlaw. See IMAGE.for full text. Note: SEE the entry for Richard O'Gorman Jr in the Dictionary of Irish Biography AND Michael Doheny's The felon's track : or, History of the attempted outbreak in Ireland, embracing the leading events in the Irish struggle from the year 1843 to the close of 1848.