[Mr. Serjeant Ballantine [William Ballantine, Serjeant-at-Law], lawyer and author.] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed, praising 'a new family paper called The English Resident', with regard to 'English sojourners' in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Mr. Serjeant Ballantine [William Ballantine, Serjeant-at-Law] (1812-1887), lawyer and author ['The English Resident', journal; Boulogne-sur-Mer]
Serjeant Ballantine
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'Boulogne s/m June 18 1883'.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 4to. On first leaf of bifolium. Forty-three lines of neat text. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with a few small closed tears. The author ('Sir') is unnamed, but is presumably the 'Editor' referred to in the text. Signed 'Wm Ballantine'. By recipient, at head of first page: 'Letter from Mr Sergeant [sic] Ballantine / United Club -'. Begins: 'I have to acknowledge the receipt of what purports to be a specimen of a new family paper called The English Resident & which it is supposed will supply a want existing especially amongs the English sojourners of all descriptions in different French places of resort. & notably at this one of the most favourable watering places of the British people - Those who favoured me with the number in question were aware that for many years of a busy life there has rarely been a year during which upon more than one occasion I have not sought health and recreation uponits shores. I have had abundant opportunities of appreciating its advantages & recognizing its wants and I welcome very heartily the probabl advent of a newspaper which appears to be conducted upon principles likely to render it a very popular addition.' The second half of the letter is in much the same highfallutin tone (see reference to 'the freedom and elasticity of Boulogne air'), with Ballantine feeling that is is 'impertinent on my part to offer hints to an Editor so evidently experienced as the Gentleman who has supplied news in the number that I have had the pleasure of reading'. See Image of second page.