[?Ulster Scot? [Rev. J. C. F. Hood, Deputy Assistant Chaplain-General to the Forces.]] Newspaper cutting of letter to The Times from Hood, with Manuscript Letter from ?Ulster Scot? thanking him, and note [from W. Vance Packman] disputing facts.

?Ulster Scot? [Rev. John Charles Fulton Hood (1884-1964), Deputy Assistant Chaplain-General to the Forces, husband of harpist Helen Patuffa Kennedy-Fraser; W. Vance Packman]
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Letter (Postmark: Belfast) dated 30 October 1929. Newspaper cutting of Hood's letter to The Times dated 28 October 1929. Undated anonymous note from 19 Sutton Court Road, Chiswick, London.
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Hood was married to the harpist Helen Patuffa Kennedy-Fraser (1889-1967), daughter of Marjory Kennedy-Fraser (1857-1930), the celebrated collector and singer of Hebridean songs. The two items are in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Manuscript Letter Signed by 'Ulster Scot.' 1p, 8vo. Begins: ?Dear Rev Sir / Glad to see you took up the cudgels on behalf of the Ulster Scot.The writer of the letter considers that the part played by this group in building industry &c. was surpassed by their efforts in cristainising [sic] and civilising the nations of the world. Descending into sectarianism he continues: "The Roman Catholic Hierarchy judging from their public speeches would have us believe the very opposite. Like many another Scott I read with delight your article to the ?Times? and on behalf of myself and others I return you my sincerest thanks". TWO: Unsigned Note (1p, 8vo), addressed from 19 Sutton Court Road. / London. Chiswick. W. Clearly written by Roman Catholic businessman W. Vance Packman, who corresponded from this address at the time. Reads: "It is a pity that you have failed to point out that all the above were Celtic Catholics in communion with Apostolic See". Annotated by Hood: "My answer to this was that I was confining myself to facts." Laid down at the centre of the page is a newspaper cutting of a letter to The Times from REV. J. C. F. HOOD, The Vicarage, Garstang, Lancashire headed Points from Letters / The Ulster Scott. Begins: "Your columns lately have dealt with the achievements of Ulster Scots in the sphere of government, law, literature, and science. May I extend the record into the sphere of religion. It is sometimes forgotten that the foundations of civilization in Great Britain were laid to a great extent by men of that breed."