I. M. C.' [i.e. Isabella M. Cronyn] (Lady Couchman)
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Privately printed: The Westminster Press, 1942.
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Wife of railway engineer and administrator in India and Burma. Stitched 8vo pamphlet, in printed card wraps. In good condition. 16 pages. 6 poems: 'Lines written during a tour with my husband through Baluchistan into Persia, 1918', 'Written on the way to see the naval review, July 1935 (A journey of 300 miles in a small and very fast car driven by my husband)', 'The brilliant starlit nights of Upper Burma', 'The vast range of the Himalayas, as seen from Simla, are awe-inspiring in their majesty and might', 'To the ruins of an ancient McMahon stronghold in Ireland' and 'The vision at Gethsemane 1933'. On the verso of the last leaf is a long note dated 1941 describing Lady Couchman's vision at 'the little chapel at Gethsemane' in 1933. The British Library does not appear to have a copy of this item.