Autograph Letter Signed to Charles Grave Hudson of London.

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19 September 1772; Exeter.
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John and Charles Baring were the brothers of Sir Francis Baring (1740-1810), Charles being the head of the Exeter branch of the banking house and John, an Exeter merchant, the nominal head of both arms. 1 page, 8vo. Grubby but in good condition. Mounted on larger piece of paper. An interesting insight into eighteenth-century trade practice. 'Inclosed you have Invoice double sets of patterns & double bills of loading of eight bales No. 55 - 62 value £583 .. 4 .. - shipped for your amount & risk in the Lion Robert for Genoa & Leghorn, in 10 days or a fortnight he will sail the wind permitting, the amount we have drawn on you 30 days date to John & Frances Baring & Co to which please to show due honour - our market is rather dull & as the harvest is nearly over where a great part of our labourers find employment, we hope between this & Christmas our long <?> will sink <?>'.?>