[Promotional advertising two-dimensional representation of 1950's television in cardboard and plastic.

[TELEVISION EPHEMERA] General Electrics.
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Without date or place, but circa 1955.
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An irregular rectangle of paper, roughly five inches by three and a half, with the image of a 1950's television printed on one side in light and dark brown. In good condition, with negligible glue-staining to front. The screen, roughly 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches, is cut away, with the image of a waving bespectacled man with a chimp laid underneath on piece of transparent plastic. Another slip of plastic protrudes from the top, on which is written 'G E Electronic TUBES | The G-E Aluminized Picture Tube is five ways Better.' When pushed in fully this shows an 'ORDINARY PICTURE TUBE' (black background), and when pulled out the 'G-E Aluminized PICTURE TUBE' (shiny metallic background). Publicity material on reverse. The item is numbered 'ETV-847'.