Historic Certainties respecting the Early History of America, developed in a Critical Examination of the Book of the Chronicles of the Land of Ecnarf.

Rev. Aristarchus Newlight', pseud. [Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin re. COPAC; Beinecke says William Fitzgerald]
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London: John W. Parker, West Strand. 1851. [Savill and Edwards, Printers, Chandos Street, Covent Garden.]
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8vo: [viii] + 62 + [ii] pp. Good, though a little dogeared and discoloured, with slight wear at foot of final leaf. Half-title (with quotation from Strauss's 'Leben Jesu' on reverse) and (discoloured) final leaf of publisher's advertisements. Disbound. The author is described on the title-page as ''Rev. Aristarchus Newlight, Phil. Dr. of the University of Giessen; Corresponding Member of the Theophilanthropic and Pantisocratical Societies of Leipsig; Late Professor of All Religions in several distinguished Academies at home and abroad, etc. etc. etc.' Scarce: apart from at the British Library, COPAC only lists copies at Bristol and the National Library of Scotland. A spoof, of course, and a follow-up to Whately's 'Historic Doubts relative to Napoleon Bonaparte' (1846).