[Pamphlet; economics ] A Plain Statement of the Currency Question, with Reasons why we should restore the old English law of Bimetallism

John Hill Twigg
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London: Effingham Wilson & Co, 1893

23pp., 8vo, disbound, lacking front wrap, chipped, title and back wrap dusted, poor condition but text complete. Wigan Free Library blind stamp on title. "What the world now needs is to stop this artificial fall of prices and raise them slowly to a moderate level. The only practicable means of doing this is to restore the old law of coining silver as freely as gold and to let people pay their debts in either metal at the choice of the debtor. This arrangement is called bimetallism, or the use of a joint standard" (p5).

Autograph Letter Signed ('MM.') from Maton Marble, editor of New York World, to 'My dear Jack', also 'J R H'. With newspaper cutting comparing Marble's handwriting with that of a cipher dispatch by 'Moses', in article on vote-rigging and forgery.

Manton Marble (1834-1917), American journalist, editor of the New York World
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Letter: on letterhead of 'The World' Office, 35 Park Row, New York. 'Saturday AM' [no date]. Newspaper cutting, without date or place.

Both items good, on aged paper. Letter: 1p., 12mo. He has 'spoken to three or four of the members' on his behalf, 'most gladly - and have written to Secretary MacDonough to vouch himself & present my voucher to the Com. on Admissions.' Newspaper cutting: Titled 'The Effort to buy a vote in Florida. | Tell-tale fac-similes of dispatches, cipher and plain. | A comparison between a significant telegram of Moses and one signed by Moses Manton.' Giving facsimiles of the two documents, with explanation: 'We present herewith a facsimile of the cipher dispatch in which Moses informs Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed from the New York journalist Manton Marble to Samuel Dana Horton, hoping for the pleasure of a 'Monetary Confference'.

Manton Marble (1834-1917), American journalist, editor of the New York World [Samuel Dana Horton (1844-1895), writer on bimetallism]
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'<Warmley's?> - Wash[ingto]n'. 29 November 1885.

1p., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He has found Horton's 'card, & address' on returning from dinner, and is sorry to miss the chance of seeing him, 'but I return to New York in the limited train in the morning.' He hopes Horton will be in New York before he returns to Ohio, 'and that you will give me the pleasure of a "Monetary Conference". Marble shared Horton's interests, also in 1885 he went to Europe as a delegate to the Bi-Metallic Congress.

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