Typed Letter Signed by Troy and Dollie Hoskins for 'The Four Comets | Dollie, Pauline [Same], Bob [Saras] & "Hank" ' to 'Dear Friends' [the variety entertainers Bonar and Rubye Colleano], concerning an appearance in Austria with Willy Reichert.

'The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters' [Troy Hoskins; Dolly Hoskins; Pauline Same; Bob Saras; Bonar Colleano; Willy Reichert; roller-skating; variety entertainment]
The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters
Publication details: 
10 January 1938; Munchen, Austria.
The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters

4to, 4 pp. 43 typed lines, and two-line manuscript postscript. Signed in pencil 'Sincerely | Dollie & Troy.', with the name of the troupe typed over this. Text clear and complete on discoloured and creased paper. Chatty and humorous letter. 'By the time you read this letter we will have either left a terrible stench in the Theatre or else the Manager will be satisfied. [...] JANUARY 11, FLASH!!!!

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